Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Smart Member Review - Facebook, Customization, Advertising, and MORE!

In this Smart Member Review I show you more of the features available and just why I am excited to use this in my business. 

Smart Member integrates with facebook groups to moderate members, do internal cross-marketing within each site, create custom pages, customer support... and more. It comes loaded even with an e-mail autoresponder appart from it integrating with many other 3rd part solutions.

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Smart Member Review - Facebook, Customization, Advertising, and More!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Smart Member Review - Managing Members & Affiliates EASY!

In this Smart Member Review video I walk you through some of the current and forthcoming membership management features of Smart Member. 

You have full controls over the members, affiliates, and JV's, unlike anthing else in the industry. Take control over your membership site, your members, and ensure your site and members are happy, and your affiliates and partners get the help that they need to promote your site for you. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Explaindio Video Creator Review - Best Video Creation Software - Explaindio Review

Explaindio Review

In this Explaindio Video Creator Review you will discover why this is the hottest video creation software to hit the market to date. With Explaindio you can create professional Animation style videos, Whiteboard Sketch videos, and a mix of the two with drag and drop ease.

Explaindio can also use and import VideoMaker FX and EasySketch Pro slides, images, animations, and assets for you to use in your Explaindio Video Creator videos. Now you have the best of both worlds which allows you to import reral life videos, record voice overs, and customize in any way to create any style of business, sales, or explainer videos. 

For comparisons:
Check out VideoMakerFX here:
Check out EasySketchPro 2 here:

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Smart Member Review - Is this the best membership software/platform?

In this Smart Member Review you will discover why I recommend Smart Member as the best membership development platform on the planet.

If you are running any sort of online business, then Smart Member is the best all-in-one software that will not only create a membership site with drag-and-drop ease, but also features complete affiliate/jv management, autoresponder, landing/sales page builder, and so much more. 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Learn WordPress Free - Creating & Managing WordPress Custom Menus

Creating and Managing WordPress Custom Menus

In this WordPress Training video I walk you through how to create custom menus, edit custom menus, and configure them however you would like on your WordPress website.

WordPress is an amazing CMS and tool for building any type of website you like. The menu customization features make it even more flexible to have control over how people can navigate your website.

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How to Make A WordPress Website 2015 - Free WordPress Tutorials

Building a website is more than just about installing WordPress, and few plugins, a theme, and slapping up some content and hoping for the best. 

To build a website properly, you MUST create it properly. It is not just about understanding the techie side of WordPress, but also how to structure your content properly... and do effective website marketing.

How to Make a WordPress website does NOT need to be difficult... heck... it can be quite easy! But you do need step-by-step WordPress training videos that will help YOU succeed. 

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Clickfunnels Review & Bonus | Easy Setup & Navigation | A Walkthrough Review

In this Clickfunnels Review I show you just how easy it is to set-up Clickfunnels and get operational in no time. 

Clickfunnels does integrate with most all 3rd party ecommerce systems, autoresponders, and payment processors, but also comes feature rich with many of its own systems built-in. Check out or latest update videos for more information.

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